Welcome to the Oxfordshire Folk Dance Association. The OFDA is an umbrella body co-ordinating folk dance in Oxfordshire. It also organises a few events in its own right, details of which are on the diary page.

Are you looking for the Oxford Folk Weekend (previously the Oxford Folk Festival)? If so, try here

Most people dance for their own pleasure and there are plenty of groups in Oxfordshire catering for them. Many meet every week, some just once a month. Some use recorded music, others have a live band every meeting. "English" folk dance these days tends to include American contra and squares, as well as Playford style and traditional English dances. The groups vary in the balance that they use. Have a look at the Clubs Directory to find a group that you like.

Some people like to take their dances to others who might not otherwise see English dance. Some of the clubs will do the occassional display at fetes etc. However, there are a few groups that are dedicated to entertaining others and these can be found on the Entertainment and Display page.

If you are looking for a different type of dance, or dance organisations further afield, look at our Useful Links page.

If you do not fancy the dance floor, then perhaps you might be interested in playing music for dancers. The Oxfordshire Folk Dance Association organises a few events each year for musicians of all standards. Please see the Music page for more details.

The Association also publishes a quarterly magazine "Folk News" which is available free of charge from most dance groups.