For nearly ten years now Oxfordshire Folk Dance Association has been running annually two playing days for musicians, one in the spring and the other in the winter. Instrumentalists on a wide variety of instruments spend the day learning and practising tunes and arrangements which are then played for dancers in the evening.

The Spring Workshop, normally held in Stonesfield Village Hall, has been led over the years by such giants of British folk music as Maggie Fletcher, Alison Ellacott, Rod Stradling and Chris Dewhurst. Expert guidance is given in instrumental technique and playing for dancing. A well-known caller leads the evening dance. This workshop may include challenging tunes as well as easier ones.

The Winter Workshop and Dance have always been led by Ted Morse usually in Steventon Village Hall. Music is provided in up to four parts including a written bass line and often a simpler alternative to the melody line. On the whole the music is less challenging than the Spring Workshop. Excellent food is provided and these days have become an opportunity for musicians from all over the country to meet together and renew acquaintanceships.

The following events for musicians are currently planned.
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